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Chapter 48: Swordsman

Mira parted with Solomon and while walking confirmed the distance to her next destination. Along the shadows of pillars, there was a person who's hiding and watching over her. It was Lily. To hear the impression about the magic robe, she finish her job at a double speed of time than she usually does. She waited at her current position, waiting for the talk with Solomon to finish.

(Oh, the feeling of the coat waving is as calculated. The thighs occasionally peeping are wonderful, the length of the skirt is not to long and not too short, it was moderately pushed up, the angle in which it fluctuates steadily and fluently is as calculated)

Lily was watching the condition of the magic robe which changed by each movement. But it did not last long. To Lily who was producing a weird atmosphere is drawing attention from the surroundings. because of it, Mira found it out by following their line of sight

"What are you doing?"

" observation, is it not?"

Lily who revealed herself from the pillar's shadow while being scared of Mira, tried to return a misappropriate or inexplicable answer with an incomprehensible pose.

"What's that?"

"More importantly! It's time for lunch soon right?. How about we go together, while at it, let me hear your impression about the magic robe."

"That reminds me, I did say such thing. I understand, Let's go!"

Mira confirmed the time before closing the map.It was just exactly around noon. When mira nods, Lily guided Mira to the dining hall in a hurry before being further pursued.

(Why are you all gathering like this?)

The attendants are blocking the dining room. Mira is surrounded by over ten men and women.

"Is there any problem with regards to the movement?"

"Are there any inconvenience in size?"

"I put importance on the texture of the back fabric, how is it?"

Instead of having lunch, Mira was asked by questions one after another. The fruity colorful scent of the french toast was put on hold in front of Mira. It was a little after an hour that she arrived at the dining room and ended her lunch. It was a result of answering each and everyone's question while unable to refuse.

After eating, Mira puffs up softly and pour a cafe au lait in her throat. Most of the maids returned to their work except Lily who finish all her work at this time. It became an opportunity to learn about the person called Lily, her younger sister goes to Alkite academy and her father pass away in the Three Kingdoms Defense Battle.(Tl note: kinda stuck in this one..i think i mess up way too bad's the raw リリィの妹はアルカイト学園に通っている事や、父は三神国防衛戦で亡くなったという話を交わし、リリィという人物について知る機会にもなった。)

" By the way, I saw Amaratte acting as the wise man, it seems she like this clothes"
(TLN: eh?who? dont remember this character...been too long I'm starting to forget the previews chapters..)

"Oh,.. Amaratte is it!"

While putting the cup containing the Cafe au Lait on the table. Mira recalling it, talks about Amaratte. It was such a changed with regard to the troubled Mira, Lily was surprised, more than that she was glad she stayed with Mira.

"Well....I have been asked by all means to tell you that she would like for you to tailored one for her..How about it?"

"Of course, of course, we've know Amaratte from a long time ago. We do not mind, we will accept it!."

Suddenly the color of Lily's eyes shown dubiously, but only for a moment. It instantly reverted to her serious look and gave an acknowledgement to accept the request. For Lily, Amaratte was basically expressionless so it was a case where she is hesitant to step on. But now, the definite information was brought by Mira. There is nothing to stop lily who got a formal permission.

"hmm, is that so, then I will ask you on my behalf"(TL note: confusing,check it if you like here's the raw:ふむ、そうか。では、わしからそう伝えておく)

"Are you sure?..then if possible I would like to measure every dimension accurately, so please tell me the time that is convenient for you.

"I understand"

When Mira stands up, at the end she gave her thanks and leave the dining hall. And Lily, in order to make a conference regarding on Amaratte costume as soon as possible, had to run without concern to the people,

(After experiencing that wagon, I feel a bit depressed)

In the square in front of the Alkite castle gates. A wall rise up in the rear, behind it is a small forest which separates the upper district and the castle. Mira looks up at the skies fine weather and while reminiscing the comfortable travel in the Garuda wagon, she takes out a fur cloth.

"I have to be patient until mine is completed"

She mutter and try to convince herself. Then, she sets forward to the base point of summoning.

[Summoning skill: Pegasus:] (TLN: the translation says shokan-jutsu but I'll just use skill in here instead of technique or arts, she's not a ninja afterall...ahahahaxD)

A blue magic formation that appeared in the front of her rose up to the sky and from there a number of lightnings streaks rain down, together with the repeated flash emerged a pure white form. And lastly, the fragments from the broken magic formation formed its wings. The heavenly horse Pegasus, bearer of the thunder descends to the ground.

The Pegasus folded it's pure white wings and neighed weakly. And as soon as his eyes met with Mira, he face the other way. 


There are exceptions, but basically, summons that do not use Rosary summon formation cannot speak. Even so, if there is something it want to convey, it will mostly be expressed through it's attitude.

"It's been a long time, are you doing well?

Mira walk closely to Pegasus and speaks as she take a look into his face. But the Pegasus averted her gaze by turning it's head in the opposite direction.
There were no words, but Mira is aware to such behavior of Pegasus. It somehow resembles her sister when angry.

"You're angry, aren't you?"

Possibly thinking, she ask. Then Pegasus, with a displeased face looked into Mira. In his eyes, loneliness and frustration from being left for a long time is emerging.
Even though she could not comprehend everything. There is no mistake that he is mad, Mira conclude from Pegasus attitude.

(It was a sweet child after all. may be natural if I didn't meet them for 30 years..)

"I am sorry..I have no excuse.I haven't been in this world for 30 years.. It was only recently that I arrive and contact was impossible, I'm really sorry."

Mira apologized sincerely. Then the next moment, a shock hits her small body. Pegasus thrust his head. While being pushed down, Pegasus slides his head into her chest while producing a sound of cry in his throat..When it narrowed it's eyes that was lost in sadness, big tears overflowed which slowly wets Mira's chest. Although Mira panicked by the sudden thing, Pegasus was also lonely. As she felt a little disheartened, she wrap her arms around his neck and gently stroke his mane.

Mira who decide to settle this soon raised her body and face Pegasus.

"I do have a favor to ask but, will you carry me and fly?"

The moment Mira said so, Pegasus eyes open wide and instantly bend down in front of Mira. It pressed it's back to Mira. Then it pushed it's mouth around Mira's waist. Hurrying to board on it.(TLN: starting to get harder as the ch goes by..sorry, even I am confuse in this passage)

"Oh, will give me a ride, good child"

After Mira stroked the head of Pegasus gently for obediently giving her a lift. She put on the fur coat and straddle in the back of Pegasus. When Pegasus felt the warm of Mira in his back, he open his wings widely. Then he turned his head as if to say he was ready and confirmed their destination.

"Then Pegasus, please fly in that direction"

(TLN: from here on is a google paste without any editing,.I will try to finish this one ch before maybe  dropping it...well, Xant & Minions might be already done with it before we know it ahahaxD)

While stroking a soft gauze, Mira points in the west-southwest direction where there is a prayer child forest. Pegasus approaches greatly due to consent, and gradually accelerates with the spreading wings fluttering up and down. When the sound of a light hooves and the sound hitting the wind reaches the climax, Mira flying towards the sky with a breath feeling a great gravity. Unlike the time of Eisenfald, there are no obstacles at your feet, so you can see the square in front of the castle gate just under you. 

"Good, you got it comfortable again" 

The cold we were concerned about is settled in a state free of problems thanks to the coat of fur. Especially it is great to enjoy the view of the eyes. Eisenfald was too hot for me to see the bottom. 
Pegasus runs heavenly so it looks very good. On the trajectory that passed through, charged small particles played small as if expressing such feelings, creating a river of light despite the high time of day. 
When Mira turns his arm around the neck of Pegasus, it overlooks the Lunatic Lake which becomes smaller in seconds. In that eyes, the five-line mechanism other than the school was reflected, and when we next went to the school, we planned to go to one of them. 

Beyond the big mountain ranges, occasionally check the map and go sky while slightly modifying the direction, several hours. Mira, whose crotch became sore because he was not accustomed to the ride, fell down to the village he found from the sky, with a comfort in a small canteen. 

(Hmm, at this pace, it is likely that you will arrive at your destination in the middle of the night) 

Mira mixed with the sparse customers was conspicuous by the appearance which was too well arranged. However, because he is doing a bracelet known as a proof of a senior adventurer, there is no man with courage to speak. It only remains to be watched in far-reaching. It is very rare for senior adventurers to come to this village, which is away from major cities and not near famous dungeons and hunts. 
Mira calculated the travel time easily while matching the distance to this place and the remaining journey to the map. 
As a result, we arrive at the solution that the arrival at the destination turns around 10 p.m. As long as it is a night forest, sight will be dyed almost in the dark. If so, there is also the possibility of missing traces. And there was no reason to work for Mira until such time in the first place. 
Occasionally tilt Mix Berry Ole, find a place of accommodation in a suitable location near the forest with a map. 

(It's just in a good place, let's go enough if you go so far) 

It is about 2 hours in Pegasus from the current point. The village was close to the prayer child forest. 
The forest of the prayer child is very vast and the final destination, Kiki, lies in a place that has been divided deeper since entering the forest. It is certain that the day will change. 
After 30 minutes of break, Mira left the village after paying and hand washing in addition. Because it is a small village that can be said to be a countryside Whether the toilet is scooping up, as soon as the bottom valve opened, Mira remembers a little about the underground cemetery. 

Mira going back again in the sky watching the sun going down the horizon, leaking a voice of admiration to the sea of ​​the star that gradually begins to shine. 
Then after a while, before the jet-black forest where the wind blows like a living thing, find artificial light that shines countlessly lightly there. It is a fire in the village that decided to find today's inn. 
Pegasus descending with light as a marker. When getting down to nearby grass, repatriate Pegasus and repatriate. 
To say the village is big, and if you check the name of the small location of the place as a city on the map, it was Hunters Village. 
Only one inn is in this village, and when Mira opens its door, the vibrant voice of a man resonates with the light bell sound "Welcome!" 
It is a classic management style dwelling place which also serves as a dining hall, and it seems that things are prospering from the busy store. Judging from what you are wearing, the audience is mostly adventurers. Several of them stop their hands for a moment and reflexively look back to visitors. 
Mira heads to the counter quickly in an interestingly directed line of sight. The shopkeeper of this shop was the impression that the line was thin and domestic owner, contrary to the greeting hung first. 

"This is also a rare customer, how many are your friends, only meals, or staying?" 

Mira sits down in the vacant counter seat, 

"I will ask for it at my accommodation, a meal and a meal for one person" 

"Oh, one of them, it is funny that lady alone can come to such a remote place ... It is really an artist. 

When the young man sitting next to Mira's words intensively looks at it interestingly, I am impressed. 
The young man was carrying a big sword on his back. The flesh with enough power to match it is covered with a black leather coat. A smile that looks good is floating on the face that is set as it is. 

"Oh, I'm sorry suddenly, I am Alfair, as you can see it is a swordsmen, I'm longing for an artist" 

Despite introducing himself, Al Fail is staring at Mira in the bottom of his heart, enviously envious. He encountered several artists during the adventure and was calling out each time. 

"Well, can you ask me what an artist?" 

Alfail still smiles still, ask Mira. For familiar but carefree expression, Mira proudly has a positive feeling, she rebells a little proudly. 

"A summoning master!" 

In the answer, the voices of surrounding adventurers cease. And a gaze with pity and sadness was pointed. To such surrounding reactions, as Mira rolls his spine like shitty, summoning reconstruction is still sigh. 
In the meantime, there was a person who showed a different reaction by one person. 

"It's enough to be here so far alone, summoning is amazing!" 

Alfail admires Mira with his eyes that deepened longing. As the words suggest, this Hunters Village adjacent to the prayer child forest is never a place where a new adventurer can come alone. 
Adventurers inside the store also alertedly surprised when they noticed that in one word of Alfail. 

"Alfail, you may ask me to order my daughter first rather than that, hungry." 

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry." 

The shopkeeper realized that the story did not end with this as it began to get excited, and gathered the time to hand out the dish menu to Mira. Mila said that he was "sorry," and ordered chicken's incense grill set and Honey ore. 

Alfail really seemed to like an artist. He will talk about the convenience of useful intangible technique in everyday life, and begin to explain a lot of the surgical tools possessed as a substitute for the technique, if he wants to taste the feeling of the operator even a little. 

The surgical instruments with various kinds of techniques are mainly called invasive surgical instruments. There is a limit on the number of times, but those who do not have mana can use it, so it is very useful among adventurers. 
Advanced skill is impossible, but most surgical tools are developed if it is lower grade. However, there were no active tools, even if the expression god of summoning and Yin Yang operation, and the godless technique was lower level, Alfail was lamented a lot in that. 
After the dish ordered by Mira is finished, the interest of Alfail is directed to summoning with few users and no surgical tools. I would like to see the summoning art dealt with by a certain skilled person. 
A young man who begs to ask a young girl to "show me!" Over and over again and lowers his head. Adventurers who were in such a form from the beginning bitterly smile. But those who saw that sight from the middle pointed to the behavior of a young man who could pervert what he wanted to see. 

Mira who finished supper was with Al - Fail at the training square in Hunters Village. In the darkness of the dark night, the light of the surgical tool that Alfail had had is bright and illuminating the surroundings. Alfair explains that this place was prepared for self-discipline of adventurers and hunters. And here it would be possible to use summoning to its full extent. 

"Well, let me show you if you are interested so far." 

Despite saying grueling, Mira is in a good mood for being allowed to summon. However, if you exercise summoning calmly without expending it to the front, the Black Knight wearing a sense of intimidating as usual will reveal its appearance from the magic team that hit the front. 

"Oh! This is summoned! Black, it looks strong!" 

Alfail raises the summoning art for the first time and looks up at the black knight in front, and stimulates the whole body to its appearance. As soon as he turned back to Mira, 

"Can not we make a fight at a battle !?" 

Say that, turn your eyes full of expectations. The facial expression of Al Fail was shining like a dog with a snack in front of him, and it seemed like how much he would drop down when he refused. 

"Well, it will be nice" 

As you answer, Al Fail will joyfully jump. Mira gazes at such a frenzy youth, and confirms how effective it is. 
What I could read is that the ability value as a swordsmen is first grade, but magical power is less than ordinary people. With this, there will be considerable concern over the resistance to art. 
After that as a sword fighter, there is technology to make use of the ability value. 
Alfail leaves the sword a few steps away from the black knight. The blade shines silver and it is slightly cold. And in the eyes of Mira, I could see the power of the spirit who lives in that sword. 

(Hou ... is the spirit sword of ice?) 

When Alfale holds the sword lightly, it begins to wear a tightly different sign that is clearly different from the past. Switching the feelings for battle is also transmitted to Mira. Even though the head drops, the sense of intimidating Alfail releases more than it was to show the capability beyond the confirmed ability value. 

"What a hawk that is good, what a fuck," 

"There is a degree that even the girl can not see the bottom even if you do not move one eyebrow because you can feel it." 

They laugh lightly and lightly. Mira then leaves the spot and leaves his back on a suitable wall. Alfail several times, when I breathed in heavily I grasped the sword with both hands. 

"Well, may I start?" 

When Mira says so, he throws the big sword that the Black Knight held in the heaven high. But in the next moment a new big sword appeared from the small magic team who floated small and the black knight picked it up and set the point toward Alfail. 
A large sword dancing in the air reaches the peak and begins to fall. The big sword that sharply turns the wind and turns making a sound gradually lowers the altitude. 
A large sword appears from the sky out of reach of light. 
While being illuminated by the lighting of the surgical tools, the large sword penetrated deep into the ground leaving a black trajectory. 
As it signals, Alfail lowers its posture and drives it. The flashing silver blade is set aside, and if you shorten the distance in a matter of seconds, the ice blades that are raised will be sucked into the black knight's torso. 
First stroke from the beginning. That speed was first grade correctly. Therefore, the black knight will turn completely behind, but the sword of Alfail is blocked by the black blade and does not reach the main body. 

(The ability is also certain .... It is certainly better than Emerala, it is earlier than anything, it may be above Dark Knight) 

Mira measured the ability of Alfail objectively from its standing position. We are exploring how far we can bring the power of the dark knight. 
Black Knight keeps swords of Al Fail and forces the big sword against force. I can not resist Al Fail with that intense force, and it is blown away to the air. 

"Strong, this is strong!" 

Alfail cries out without suppressing exaltation. While stepping on the ground and killing the momentum, its expression was shining happily as a dazzle. 
Again, the sounds that the swords breathe roar. Immediately after Alfail settled, the black knight's sword was swung down. The shock is not something that Alfail rarely experiences, and the voice leaks with agony. However, at that time, a smile appeared at Al Fail 's mouth. 
It is only a few moments. Before accepting all the kinetic energy of the big sword, Alfail slid the blade and sharply pinched the torn of the black knight who became vulnerable. 
One flash released from a movement without embarrassment slit the black knight deeply and the sword speed released from both hands becomes a heavy shock and plays a large amount of his body. 

"Miss, you should not be such a thing, ask me, do it seriously!" 

Alfail standing in appearance like Shura raises a voice while turning his back against Mira. As it is, the Dark Knight was not the best. Now that real life has come true, real life and death are hanging. It was because Mira was not able to put his full effort well in a situation where his opponent 's precise ability was not met. 

"Is your lord doing all out and having lost it?" 

Mira asks for a final decision. Alfail answers the question by shaking his head sideways. 

"There is nothing recently, I wish I lost about five years ago" 

Mila stared at the back of Al Fail, understanding one. That the man is hungry by the strong. From the words of Alfail, there seemed to be a lot of challenges to beat like this time. And I won every time. Still, I am not satisfied with my power and I am looking for a strong man. That insatiable improvement, Mira has a little remembrance. 
He had kept his hands stretched purely on the top. 

"I am sorry to do something like tried. Instead, it would be better to experience five years' experience" 

"That's ... I'm looking forward to it!" 

Alfail raised the mouth corner to Mira 's words, and the ice fog began to cover the sword as if to respond to the spirit.



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